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Trade Assurance protects buyers’ orders; it minimizes risk by guaranteeing money back in the event of a supplier failing to meet the terms of the order contract - including delivery delays, quality and quantity discrepancies or other processing problems. Trade Assurance applies a credit-rating system that incentivizes suppliers to produce and deliver high-quality goods on time and according to the buyers' specifications.
Multiple safe payment options
Secure online payment options include Online Bank Payment, credit card and T/T. Your payment is secured by Alibaba.com's anti-fraud system.

To get Trade Assurance coverage, you must make payment to the supplier's Citibank account designated by Alibaba.com.
Protect every online order for free
That's right! Trade Assurance is free for buyers who carry out transactions online via our platform.
Payment protection
Trade Assurance will cover all payments made during the ordering process up to 30 days after you receive the goods.
Shipping protection
Your order will be shipped on time according to the details of your contract with the supplier. In the event of a delay, you will be eligible for a refund.
Product-quality protection
Your order will be covered in the event that the product(s) do not match the details outlined in your contract with the supplier*.
*Not applicable on sample order. Learn more
Protection period
Your order will be protected up to 30 days after you receive the goods.
Start protecting your orders today
We've got you covered. Start ordering from a Trade Assurance supplier today on Alibaba.com and you'll never have to worry again. Start your search now...
Trade Assurance Coverage
Free Order Protection
$0  / Order
Step 1.  Order with a Trade Assurance supplier
Step 2.  Pay to the supplier's Citibank account designated by Alibaba.com
Step 3.  Receive shipment
Step 4.  Leave feedback about your order and goods
Neera, New Zealand
in Home & Garden
"Totally worry-free for new users.I was truly amazed by this service and felt confident to make another purchase which was substantially more expensive."
Daniel, Canada
in Home & Garden
"Traveling and making money: you can do them both!
Because of Trade Assurance, there are many things I will never have to worry about."
Obi, Nigeria
in Consumer Electronics
"It has totally transformed my business from zero to great!
Trade Assurance is a fantastic tool on Alibaba that gives me the confidence to do business with all my suppliers."
Kelly, United States
in Mechanical Parts & Fabricat
"It always has my back if things go wrong! I don't use Trade Assurance all the time, but I certainly sleep better at night when I do."
Jennifer, United States
in Toys & Hobbies
"Every time I get a discount it feels like I've won an MMA fight! I love the professional level of service I receive from Alibaba and feel safe and secure knowing my money is protected by Trade Assurance."
You can find all Frequently Asked Questions in our
Help Center
Read the full Trade Assurance terms of service
Q: Does Trade Assurance charge fees?
No. Trade Assurance order protection is a FREE service for buyers. Standard transaction fees still apply.
Q: How can I confirm my order is covered by Trade Assurance?
For Trade Assurance orders, make sure the Trade Assurance icon is displayed on the order page. Check your orders now.
Q: What is the Trade Assurance covered amount?
The Trade Assurance covered amount is the amount of your order payment that will be protected. If supplier does not meet the requirements for shipping time or product quality agreed in your contract, you can open a dispute . If you can't reach a solution with the supplier and the supplier is found to be at fault, Alibaba.com will provide you with a refund for your covered amount.
Q: How do I place a Trade Assurance Order?
You can either complete the Trade Assurance contract yourself or ask the supplier to draft one for you.
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